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My characters and concepts are fictional. They come from my imagination. All characters and events are make-believe, and should be regarded as such.

In other words, take all my bull honky with a grain of salt. It's fake y'all.


I'm Ashley. You can call me GreekCeltic if you want. I'm not Greek, or Celtic. I just like to read about these things.


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There will be a lot of blathering here about characters and story, and whatever is going on in my day. Sometimes I can't resist a reblog.

You won't find explicit nudity here, but you may find bloody scenes/gore/cussing/nude figure sketches, etc. My drawing interests vary between cute stuff and gorilla cats with lots of teeth.

I tag things by character. Unfortunately I can't do tags by request, there's just too many people.


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I'm grateful for every comment and ask and I do read them but I only reply sometimes. Many messages come to me through tumblr and replying can be overwhelming. I choose not to stress over it.


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*There is ALWAYS a chance that I could drop my current story material and work on something completely new, and the reasons would be mine and mine alone. I think it's only fair that others know that if they're going to spend hours on a gift or fanart. If you're okay with that, go for it!


*I am not currently interested in any comic or group projects, kickstarters or contests.
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Pages one and two

What’s happening here?

This sequence is part of an arc in which Jacky and a few other cast members have been made tiny as punishment. They get lost. Herman and Wick set out to find them. Herman ditches his puppet for the occasion, something he hasn’t done before, believing his search will be more efficient without it. He finds Jacky first, but it’s dark. She confuses him for a predator and runs away.

Jacky knows Herman, but she doesn’t know he’s made of sentient yarn, she’s only ever interacted with the puppet he pilots. Ideally, later in this sequence is when she’ll start learning the details about Herman and how he works.

When I do comic drabble I’m usually doing it for fun and don’t bother with context or setting up scenes the way I would if I were working on a continuous story. Hence the text blurb above.

I originally titled this 4+ page sequence ‘Run’ but I’m going to change it to ‘Yarn’.

I don’t know for sure where I want this on the timeline yet so I think it’s gonna get bumped around until some of the holes fill in.

givemepaperandpen asked
So I'm asking around about tablets. My brother is about to take his Bamboo Splash back to college with him, and I really wanted to get some practice in with it, but oh well. My birthday is in december and my parents say they'll buy me one. Problem is, Wacom doesn't make Bamboo splashes anymore. They have an Intuos Pen for the same price my brother paid for the splash (80$) but it's half the size. I have a hard enough time on the bamboo. Any suggestions for a good tablet under or very near 100$?

I wish I had good advice, but I’m coming up short D:

I only have experience with the intuos series. I’ve had a 3, 4 and I now use a pro. Here recently Wacom has some driver issues that can make them extremely frustrating to use but I’m still attached to mine, and I’m not sure if that’s an issue with the bamboo/splash versions.

upperstories asked



Page 2. I needed to introduce SOMETHING to hint that it’s dark in this series of pages so I added little glowy pom-plants.

My drabble is pretty random so I’m going to point out that at this point in the story Herman has not yet revealed that he can see or speak through his yarn.

Reblog for the day crowd. Previous page

More comic drabble.

I’ve done enough drabble that I’ve basically had a weekly comic for the last few months.

givemepaperandpen asked
Hi there! I've browsed your Deviantart and Tumblr for the last few days and I'm really interested in your characters! But I can only seem to gather little tidbits of information on them--do you have a blog/page I could go to to learn more about them and their stories? Particularly Gale, Jacky, and Herman?

I wish I did! I don’t CURRENTLY have a hub for character profiles. It’s something I’d like to work on. I do have an info site on the Winking Cats and Cats Way, which also includes minimal OC profiles. The profiles are more for the purpose of putting face to name. They don’t say much about the characters,

Hopefully I can muster up the motivation to fix that soon.

About you: What are your favorite stories? Like, movies that you love, book series, comics, anything.

I can’t think of any fandoms I’m currently active in but in the past I’ve really liked Batman, Wreck it Ralph and Hellboy. I’m still a fan, I just don’t stay updated anymore. I haven’t read Hellboy siiiince.. volume 12, I think? Maybe? I know I stopped reading before the Hellboy series ended and the next started.

When I was a kid I loved the Keeper Chronicles (Tanya Huff) and The Mage Wars (Mercedes Lackey).

I’ve read and enjoyed a few Stephen King books but have been unable to find anything new to read besides the tower series. I have caught most of the B-movies on TV by accident and ruined the books for myself hahahaha.

Recently my most active ‘fandom’ has been world history. 

Some day I am going to read the Discworld books but I’m not quite ready for them yet. I’d like to get a few more of my own concepts hashed out before I do. 

fablepaint said: I’ve found I get mentally happier every year. That despite the shit I’ve been through, somehow it’s still better. I really want to be that wise but snarky old woman everyone is scared of.

We both want to be my mom.

She’s has zero shits to give about anything.

I’m proud of myself this year! It’s a little thing. I turn 29 in a week and It isn’t bothering me. I don’t mind being another year older. It used to kind of bum me out but I seem to be over the fact.

So that’s a thing!

Fantasy-Xchange Art Exchange Group

I’m gonna join Fantasy-Xchange over on DA this month. Check the journal for group info if you want to participate in a monthly art exchange. You won’t be expected to participate every month, you sign up willingly, so no worries! You have until Sept 1rst to join (you must be approved) and sign up for September’s exchange. That’s plenty of time!